At CS Media Works, your success is our goal. Here are the services we offer to get you and your business started on the right track.

Presentation Training

A powerful presentation enhances your credibility and professionalism. Whether you're pitching an idea, selling a solution, or trying to persuade, your goal is to influence your audience.

Leadership requires effective communication, and speaking confidently in public is a key part of that. Communication is a two-way street. When presenting, you must read your audience, use your hands correctly, and not become a hostage to your slides.

Powerful presenters tell stories that resonate and spark ideas. They deliver compelling messages while pausing for clarity and capturing attention. Sometimes your new idea, product, or business depends on communicating complex data in a limited time. Dynamic public speakers take that data and turn it into a clear and concise story, highlighting earnings reports or a growth trajectory they're looking to accomplish.

Great public speaking requires confidence, a positive mindset, and the ability to channel your nerves. Let CS Media Works help turn your next keynote, pitch to investors, or presentation to management into something that will inspire and deliver the impact you want to achieve.

Corporate Storytelling

Facts tell, stories sell. Stories emotionally connect people and create brand loyalty. Stories grab our attention. They allow us to absorb information faster than if somebody presented the same message with facts and figures.

You may be selling something better than your competitors, but decision-making is more emotional than logical. Think Nike, Apple, and Southwest Airlines. Those companies have created brand equity through their storytelling.

Storytelling conveys purpose, and businesses with purpose get noticed. It's more than your tagline or mission statement. Your story provides context, so your clients, investors, or donors understand why you are worth investing in. Our goal is to help you create a purposeful story while teaching your team how to deliver the "elevator pitch" to highlight emotion and influence decision making.

Crafting your story can be crucial to your success. You need an expert to help you flush out the essential details and create a story that influences your audience and makes your brand memorable.

Media Coaching and Crisis Management

You never know when a crisis will strike. Crisis management is vital to your success as a business. It can be financial or employment-related – or something unexpected or tragic.

For most, the first inclination is to bury their head in the sand or say "no comment" to the media and hope it goes away. We all know way too many companies and brands that got hurt by this approach. Your goal is to get in front of the problem. Inform staff, have a chain of command, and have a solid plan in place for when tragedy strikes.

This includes media training. Training helps you prepare for difficult questions as you navigate print, TV, and social media. A good coach helps you avoid tricks and traps that reporters may set while teaching you to take control of the interview.

Comprehensive crisis management training will provide you with the tools to better understand what to expect, avoid a public relations nightmare, and be prepared. A good crisis plan is your guidebook to navigating all matters of complex situations that could affect your profitability, integrity, and your reputation.

Remember, it's not if. It's when. Start planning today.

Content Marketing

So often, companies forget the power of original content. They repurpose an article they saw, retweet a celebrity, or post ads designed to sell. Attracting the right prospect is harder than ever. We are all inundated by more marketing messages than ever before, from texts and TV spots to billboards, YouTube, and social media ads.

Your goal is to stand out, and that's why your content is king. At CS Media Works, we focus on content marketing. Content marketing is the process of creating valuable content to attract and engage your audience. By creating and distributing content that buyers find useful, you are increasing brand awareness while creating trust.

Trust is crucial to your brand as it ties into emotion and gets us to act. A successful content marketing strategy is about educating, informing, and positioning you and your brand as the thought leaders. It needs to be cohesive, consistent, and penetrate numerous platforms. Successful content marketing creates a bond between you and your customer that strengthens over time and enhances brand loyalty.

Team Building

True success comes for a collective effort. Our approach to team building is rooted in inclusivity and the active encouragement of idea sharing among employees. Corey Saban customizes his approach helping each participant discover their unique strengths and identify weaknesses while building a foundation that fosters collaboration and positive relationships. Through honest and authentic dialogue we create empathy which helps team members connect on a deeper level leading to improved communication and trust. Team building is not a one-time event but an ongoing journey of continuous improvement to enhance your workplace culture. Regular team check-ins, feedback sessions, and opportunities for skill development and training keep teams engaged and evolving. Organizations that make it a strategic priority create high-performing teams that adapt to challenges, drive innovation, and achieve shared goals effectively.

Meeting Facilitator

A great facilitator can help your board or team achieve their desired results. Preparation, authenticity, impartiality, and active listening are just some of the qualities you should look for. Having facilitated meetings for small boards and large communities, Corey Saban excels at asking the right questions to drive thoughtful dialogue. A true collaborator with a great sense of timing, Saban will connect and create focus amongst your group.

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