"Corey Saban takes you on a journey that sparks incredible creativity and engaging storytelling, leaving the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. He uses words and language like a painter uses a brush and paint to create art. He worked with us on breathing life into all forms of communication so that our messages resonate and drive action. He is truly a joy to work with and learn from."

Laura Pavlus
Clay County Economic Development Corporation

"What a tremendous team-building session with Corey Saban. It could not have gone over better. What a wonderful surprise hit! One never knows how people are going to react to open discussion forums, promoting change, and reflecting on how they do things. Is it right? Is it wrong? Is the team getting respect, recognition, and trust? Are they also, in turn, giving their fellow teammates the same acknowledgments? We've all done the group outings, but we rarely sit down with our teams and have them talk through their day, their accomplishments, their issues, and challenges, and actually give them a voice. I want to thank Corey for doing an excellent job with the team. Nothing but praise and admiration from them for what he said and how he got the message across.
I encourage everyone to have Corey come to your club and present his team-building session. He gets my recommendation every day of the week and twice on Sundays!!"

Rick Orsi
GM/COO Mariner Sands Country Club

"Corey's visit to our office was a game-changer. His immediate feedback greatly improved our team's presentation skills which is critical in the world of land planning and landscape architecture, where effective communication is crucial. Corey's support and expertise were invaluable, and we highly recommend him to anyone looking to enhance their public speaking and storytelling abilities in any field."



Nicole Plunkett
Partner, Cotleur & Hearing

"Corey didn’t just hit a ‘home run’ but rather a ‘grand slam’ based on the feedback and impact from our staff (both seasoned and newer team members)! I have two memories that stand out beyond just the retreat, 1) his ability to make genuine connections and interest with all of our team members, and 2) his willingness to invest in any individual team members who wanted additional coaching or time with him after the scheduled session. Corey is an incredibly special and unique individual who is extremely talented. I’m grateful for the time he spent with our team and our future relationship - he made us better. I know he will continue to have an impact on our team!"

Robin Shelton
GM, Newport Beach Country Club

"Corey is a valued strategic partner for us at the club. His crisis management trainings are excellent, and the hands-on role-playing taught us how to deal with the media and turn a negative situation into a positive one. We learned the importance of having a communication chain of command and it's provided a great deal of value creating redundancies in our messaging. Corey continues to work with our team to enhance our crisis preparedness and implement culture initiatives that have built employee camaraderie and changed our perception in the community. Additionally, staff morale has improved tremendously. Protecting our member’s privacy and our brand image is essential to success, and this session has better prepared us for anything that can happen. The training was informative, engaging, and one of the best investments we made.“

GM/COO The Club at Admirals Cove

"CS Media Works has an advanced understanding of communication and corporate storytelling.  Farmington Country Club embarked on a process to address multiple layers of our history.  This required an intuitive an experienced strategic partner for our communications needs.   Under Corey’s leadership, we have started discovering and sharing our story and, more importantly, our future vision.  Corey Saban is a highly skilled, vastly experienced communications specialist who can produce outstanding crisis plans, training sessions, and strategies in all areas of communications.   Farmington Country Club values both his creativity and his collaborative approach. ”


CEO/GM Farmington Country Club

"Corey, Thanks for a fantastic presentation to our team. You certainly opened everyone’s eyes about dealing with communications in times of crisis. We are all much better prepared for “the when” it happens events. I would highly recommend your fast paced, entertaining education to all of my club peers and anyone that owns a business! Congrats on your presentation."

GM/COO Quail Ridge Country Club

"I have had the pleasure of working with Corey Saban for many years.  He gave our team an outstanding presentation on Crisis Management which they are all still raving about.  The hands-on roll-playing was engaging, enlightening and delivered a strong message about dealing with the media.  We learned that “No Comment” is never the way to go. He gave us practical examples of how to handle a situation when we are pushed out of our comfort zone.  Our entire team benefitted greatly from this seminar – we all came away more prepared to deal with communications when a crisis comes our way.  I highly recommend working with Corey."

CEO/GM Addison Reserve Country Club

“Corey provides our team with tremendous value. He’s helped us improve our marketing and boost our ROI with a consistent content marketing strategy. He has a great knack for simplifying a message while telling an impactful story. We have recommended him to numerous clubs, and I know he has helped them improve member retention and engagement.”

Partner at Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace

“As leaders in today’s sociopolitical climate, we must always be prepared for a crisis to strike, as it is no longer a matter of if, but when it will occur.  Corey Saban continues to be a vital resource for the PrivateClub Industry. His engaging, informative, and interactive trainings provide leaders with the necessary tools to efficiently and effectively navigate the most challenging situations. Corey’s wealth of experience in television and communications uniquely enables him to weave real-life experiences into his presentations while illustrating tried and true tactics for dealing with the media to ensure a positive outcome regardless of circumstance. Simply stated, I highly recommend Corey Saban as a speaker, coach, consultant, and resource forClub professionals at all levels of management!"

GM/COO The Tokeneke Club

"Corey delivered a powerful message to us in an interactive and eye-opening way.  Being prepared to communicate when a crisis hits is mandatory in today's world.  I highly recommend others engage their teams with Corey."

Executive Manager, Detroit Athletic Club

"Corey is an exciting, dynamic, and engaging leader in the industry! His crisis management training session was a home run with the entire team! Three hours of innovative training focused on preparing us for when not if. I highly recommend working with Corey!"

CEO at Wyndemere Country Club

“Corey has helped me a great deal with public speaking and overall media strategy. He has fantastic ideas that have helped us improve our messaging and communication. I highly recommend him."

President & CEO Business Development Board of PBC

“Corey provided highly effective, customized presentation and media training for our entire leadership team at CareerSource PBC. Our team has become more skilled, confident, and composed using his techniques and perspectives. This training helps protect and enhance your organization’s brand and reputation as it has our own. Thank you, Corey!”

President/CEO at CareerSource Palm Beach County

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working professionally with Corey Saban for many years. He is a highly talented communications professional with significant media and communications experience. From executive coaching to strategic planning to community engagement, I would highly recommend Corey for any person or business needing assistance in these areas."

Past President of The Florida Bar

“Corey Saban was a terrific support for our team. He’s got a remarkable ability to bring focus into what we’re trying to convey with our marketing, and it’s made a huge difference. He’s helped us with our presentation skills, from knowing our audience to organizing our materials and bringing the message to the real essentials.”

Former CEO at Discover The Palm Beaches

“Corey helped me understand the best ways to get my point across, keep people’s attention, and he made me feel more comfortable with the cameras than I ever did before.”

U.S Congressman (FL-22, RET.)

"Corey Provides valuable crisis management training that most of us don't even know we need, until we do-and he is absolutely qualified to do so. I recommend Corey enthusiastically"

CEO/GM at Bonita Bay Club

"Fantastic presentation!!!!!!! My team was not only enlightened but very engaged throughout the media crisis training seminar. The content had depth and was meaningful relative to things that happen around us daily in business that we do not often prepare for properly. Each club and industry would benefit immensely from this presentation. Corey was well prepared and very professional throughout the afternoon. I would be happy to endorse CS Media Works to my peers."

Managing Partner,Quail Valley Golf and Country Club