The Power of Story


February 5, 2023

The Power of a Story 

Everybody has a story, but do you and your colleagues know yours? Are you sharing the facts or the emotions? Stories are about creating feelings in the person listening. Think about some of your favorite brands. Why do you like them so much? Do you really like Nike so much because they have comfortable shoes? Or is it because of how those shoes make you feel– athletic, capable, stylish? That is what stories do. They bring people together, uniting employers, employees, and consumers under one captivating purpose. Here are a couple of tips on how to harness the power of a story:

Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

More often than not, people are working at a company that isn't that exciting at face value. Storytelling can completely change that. For example, if a real estate company's slogan were, "Selling you a house," we wouldn't even bat an eye. Yawn! However, if that same real estate company changed its story to "Guiding you home," we would feel much more connected to that company. It isn't always about having the most exciting product or service, but instead, how you tell the story of your product or service. 

Start From the Inside and Work out

If your team isn’t motivated by your story, then consumers won’t be either. Every team member should understand their purpose and the company vision. Ask them what resonates with them about the company. Share with them the why and make sure they can articulate it in terms that make sense to them.

There is a great deal of competition in the marketplace. Storytelling will set you apart. Remember, facts tell, but stories sell.