Prepare for the Unexpected


October 24, 2022

The Unexpected

"Let's Go, Brandon," the controversial Congressman shouted, and the members roared. The private event in the main ballroom of a country club hosted by their Republican club was a success until it wasn't.Another member was walking by when he heard the chant, opened the door, and shook his head with a disapproving look that caught the attention of several people in the back of the room. A shouting match ensued, punches flew, and security broke up the scuffle but not before several people shot video, which got shared with the media.

 Not my Problem

The GM thought to himself, "Well, it was not an official club event. They were just using our venue," so calls from the media went unanswered. However, not answering a call or responding to emails for a comment does not make a story go away. The press told their story as the juicy video was all they needed to grab viewers' attention, and as a byproduct,the club's name, brand, and reputation took a hit. Google searches that used to highlight their wonderful lifestyle now referenced political turmoil.

 The Damage is Done

It's not if. It's when. Waiting and seeing what happens is the worst response to a crisis, almost as bad as "No Comment" It's imperative to have a plan, create holding statements and train your team on the proper responses to control the narrative with members and staff. Timeliness is everything, as is assigning roles to key staff members and creating a chain of command. You must predict, prevent, prepare and perform.